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Artist Bio

OluSola Sanchez was born and bred in the vibrant, diverse, historically culture rich Havana, Cuba. He began exploring his divine creativity at the age of 6 . His unique approach to drawing and illustrating sparked interest in middle school where he first monetized off his artistic skill. Olu evolved into a visionary with an eclectic sense of expression. He has a possession of multiple intelligences that influences his vast multi-talents.

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Path & Purpose

Olu has been inspired by masters of various styles of art. He is now committed to the work of sharing his artistic vision with others. Olu consistently advises others to aspire to be inspired. Reminding us of the harmony and tranquility that comes with the art of creating. Olu incorporates acrylic, oil, pencil, and watercolors to create multi-image montages. His versatility to merge cubism, futurism, precisionism, surrealism, and constructivism is unmatched.


Olu's interest lies in sharing different aspects of his perspectives with others that stimulate cerebral sensory and surprises. His art aims to allow you to create your own reality and visualize according to constant changes of perspectives. Devoting his time to allowing his artistic expression to be infused outside himself through his art.

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